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Qufu Yiyang agricultural machinery factory specializing in the production of screw conveyor spiral conveyor, automatic picking straw, straw, straw bale machine, feed pellet machine, feed pellet machine, green feed beating machine, corn threshing machine peeling machine, potato planter, potato harvester, automatic temperature control material sawing machine, planting and digging machine, roller dryer, straw dryer, belt conveyor and other machinery, Yiyang machinery, all over the world. The factory sells directly, eliminates the middleman, the producer directly meets with the user, simplified the circulation process, reduced the circulation time, realized the true factory preferential price. Guide the installation and commissioning, free training of production technology, warranty for one year, life-long door-to-door maintenance, welcome to discuss cooperation.
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Contact:   Manager Yang
Addr:        Shandong Jining Qufu Yiyang Agricultural Machinery Factory