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Dongguan Chang Jie TSE cotton factory is located in the Nanshe Industrial District of tsuan town (upgraded to Hannan non Spinning Technology Co., Ltd.) - its own chemical fiber cotton production line, embroidery processing plant, pleat cotton processing plant, all kinds of fine chemical fiber cotton are ordered by you to process wholesale and retail, and various kinds of embroidered quilted cotton patterns are provided. At the same time, customers have been recognized by the vast number of customers and thriving in embroidery quilting, chemical fiber cotton production and processing enterprises. The production of chemical fiber cotton has many years of technical experience in R & D products. There are a lot of stock in stock. It is fast to run. It has passed environmental testing to reach the American Standard of fire protection. It is the first choice for export. Sales: chemical fiber cotton, spray cotton, water washing cotton, hard cotton, needle cotton, soft cotton, imitation silk cotton, pine cotton, fireproof cotton, feather cotton, resin cotton, young cotton, white cotton, white cotton, bleached cotton, non-woven fabric, etc.     our company was founded in 2005, the plant covers an area of 3000 square meters, the factory has advanced (high quality imported cotton quilting machine 10, various computer car flowers, computer embroidery, special car flower, cotton processing, professional printing system 2 sets, plate making, trial edition, free sample, special person to follow the list, free transportation and distribution. . - --- - ---- our embroidered cotton processing is widely used (clothing category, embroidery stamp, weaving Mark, embroidery army chapter, badge, back seal, lock seal, flag badge, magic badge, embroidery key button) clothing, sweater sweater woolen goods, handbag bags, plush toys, knapsack, briefcase, luggage bag, computer Bag, suitcase, handbag sports bag, bag, bag, bag, wallet, golf bag, CD set, dinner bag, shoes, hats, leather goods, Knits, banners, netting, pillow, Tang, children's, cowboys, cushions, mats, mats, curtains, tablecloths, scarves, scarves, scarves, quilts, quilts and quilts. Gifts, wrists, elbows, nude, tents, tents, aprons, umbrellas, ornaments, crafts, souvenirs, automotive supplies, household articles, sporting goods, bedding, wedding lace, folk portrait animal scenery, advertising promotional gifts and other related manufacturers and trade companies embroidered cotton processing business.   our factory attaches great importance to enterprise management and on-the-job training, and strive to explore, research and develop and innovate. In terms of quality, we have quality inspection in every aspect, and strive to strictly grasp the thin tube, quality assurance!   since the establishment of our factory for more than 7 years, we have always adhered to the business philosophy of "adhering to integrity, quality products and excellent service". Serve the garment and woolen industry. Shoes and caps. Handbags, bags, toys, etc. With the recognition and recognition of customers and customers from various industries, the company has established long-term cooperative relations with several well-known manufacturers of clothing, handbags and toys. The company strives to innovate and strictly control the quality. Guided by modern scientific management, it aims at creating first-class enterprises. Expand more international market.   our business philosophy is: I have you, you have me, our quality objectives are: quality and price, the same price than service! Our quality goal is: customer zero complaint!
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Contact:   Ye Yi Wu
Addr:       Dongguan, Guangdong, China, Guangdong Dongguan City, Dongguan City, Cha Shan Town South Industrial Zone