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Shenzhen embroidery computer embroidery factory is a comprehensive enterprise with computer embroidery, special embroidery and laser cutting. Our factory adopts the most advanced computer embroidery machine at present, with good embroidery effect and exquisite and realistic shape, which can meet all kinds of requirements of internal and external trade. The workshop is also equipped with a special typing machine, and has a group of experienced management personnel and excellent workers, and has a complete set of strict management system. It can also provide customers with a large amount of pattern information for reference and win more customers' support and trust in the industry. Efficient service, excellent quality and reasonable price are indisputable facts in the minds of our customers. In the future development, we will provide more quality products and more efficient services to our customers. Just as we continue to engage in new product development, improve quality and efficiency of service, contact with customers, understand their needs and meet their requirements, and help our customers win a lot in the fierce market competition, dedicate their best products to customers. With the aim of "survive by quality and develop by reputation", the company has established a good corporate image, constantly updated varieties, and increasingly sophisticated varieties, and has won wide acclaim from customers. The company takes "quality first, customer first" as its business objective, and takes "pioneering and innovative, sincere service" as its business philosophy. We sincerely welcome customers to visit, visit or inquire. Address: No. 4 contact of Tong Fu Road, Pinghu Town, Shenzhen: Dai Sheng 18688926586 QQ:651612006 telephone: 0755-36846138 computer embroidery, Shenzhen embroidery, bead embroidery, woollen embroidery, laser flower, special embroidery, Shenzhen Pinghu embroidery factory, Shenzhen embroidery factory
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