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 Dongguan Jiayun Textile Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Dongguan Jiayun textile company is the first professional manufacturer of microfiber clean cloth in Southern China. It produces spectacle cloth, microfiber spectacle cloth, spectacle bag, cleaning cloth, wiping cloth, lens wipe cloth, musical instrument wiping cloth, jewellery clock cleaning cloth, suede, superfine fiber 3M magic cloth, microfiber gloves, keychain and so on. The product has soft texture, no scratching and scratching on the surface of the object, and no trace left after wiping. The dust removal effect is good, and the water absorption rarity is strong. It can be repeatedly cleaned and used. Our products are excellent in choice, exquisite in workmanship, green and environmental friendly, and are well liked by the vast numbers of users both inside and outside. We can produce all kinds of texture, specification, type and color products at customer's request. Our products are widely used in various mirror, lens, glass, instruments, musical instruments, ceramics, mobile phones, headphones, cameras, jewellery, clocks, cars, MP4, game machines, LCD screens, metal surfaces, sporting goods, household goods, furniture, electronics and other industries cleaning, cleaning and packaging. Customer testimony: the product has been honored for more than 300 well-known brands throughout the year: REACH, ROHS, MSDS, EN71, ISO9001, various awards, charities and other unique selling points: free design LOGO, 1 hour quick sample, 24 hours delivery, and semi finished products and OEM services.
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Contact:   Zheng Chu Qian
Addr:        Jinhe Road, Zhanghe Town, Zhangmu Town, Dongguan, Guangdong