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Tianjin Zhongjian Guo Kang nano science and Technology Limited ( is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales. The company brings together senior experts, professors and other researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and famous national research institutes, and is committed to the development and application of nanotechnology. The company mainly engaged in: tourmaline functional materials and nano, far-infrared, magnetic therapy, bamboo carbon and other functional textile fiber products; high energy activated direct drinking water treatment series; Korean sweat room cell bath house to join; and provide sample processing production and technical support and services. In the field of external health care, it is unique. It was awarded the "quality protection and reputation double guarantee demonstration unit" issued by the China Light Duty Product Quality Assurance Center, the "China health management demonstration unit 2008" certificate issued by the China Health Care Association, the "China health management demonstration unit" issued by the China International Medical Exchange Foundation, the member of the China Health Water Association, and the "quality, service and reputation AAA level enterprise" issued by the China Quality Supervision and Management Commission. The purpose of the company is to take the road of sustainable development. We have developed "natural, green, safe, environmental friendly" multi-functional products, leading the brand new concept of health care. With the concept of "honesty, cooperation and win win", we take public health as our responsibility and sincerely join hands with all walks of life who love health. The factory mainly produces the following six main products: 1. self heating health care equipment series: self heating waist protection, kneecap, shoulder shirt, insole, wrist protector, cashmere pants, protective clothing and other health products. 2. health care clothing series: tourmaline shorts, bra, tourmaline body suit, tourmaline hot moxibustion suit, tourmaline bamboo charcoal magnetic therapy cotton trousers and so on. 3. energy aquatic product series: tourmaline health cup, water Yisheng 308, water Yisheng 520, tmarin water treasure, tourmaline energy water machine, tourmaline washing ball, tourmaline faucet water purifier. 4. daily health care series: tourmaline combs, tourmaline soap, nano beauty spray, tourmaline sprinkler, nano magnetic therapy eye patch, cell phone anti radiation sticker, tourmaline towel, tourmaline beauty mask, tourmaline soft ice patch, and tourmaline crystal face paste. 5. bedding series: pillows, sofa cushions, three pieces of tourmaline, four pieces of Matlin, mattress, functions, etc. 6. energy accessories series: tourmaline necklace, tourmaline bracelet, germanium stone hand row, tormaline health care treasure, electric stone Buddha heart treasure, germanium tortoise heart treasure, TM maline Jinxiangyu Xinbao, etc. above products can be processed by OEM, and can also be processed directly according to the different needs of customers. Product description and introduction, please visit the company's website. Tourmaline manufacturers wish you a happy cooperation! Zhongjian health website: Alibaba Wang Pu:
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