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Sai Fang leather official website: QQ:2275746855 world leather supply, decorative leather, hotel leather, soft leather, KTV leather, embroidered leather, door leather, automotive leather sofa leather, flame retardant leather, environment-friendly leather, artificial leather, PVC leather, soft bag tools, soft bag crystal buttons, soft package strip, soft pack plug knife, soft bag angle shear, pvc wall cloth... More please contact us. The color is customized, width: 137 cm + 2 cm, thickness: 0.9 mm ~1.0 mm, transportation: Express, logistics, function: flame retardant, low toxicity, environmental protection, tensile tear strength, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance 100 thousand times. The leather provides you with different styles and colors of man made leather. It can be widely used in decoration and decoration industry, such as decoration of Cara OK, star hotel and other entertainment venues, wall decoration and T stage show, shop decoration, TV background wall decoration, etc. In December 2007, the world square leather company entered the mainland and its headquarters in Foshan. It became the first decorative fabric manufacturer in Southern China. It is located in the world's largest "home manufacturing city" and "furniture material town", Longjiang Town, Shunde Foshan District, Guangdong Foshan. The company's brand is "sharp dragon Fendi". Its products are decorated with leather and decorative fabrics, and its quality meets the industry standards of Europe and America. At the same time, its varieties and styles are diverse, and its style is unique. Products are widely used in hotels, bar works and home decoration. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "pursuing win-win" and "realizing value", satisfying customers and accomplishing themselves. It is committed to being a quality manufacturer of high-end decorative fabrics. The business philosophy and core values of our company are: noble business ethics and honest attitude are the guarantee of our reputation. All employees should abide by relevant laws, regulations and international norms, and fulfill their obligations in a trustworthy manner. We must uphold honesty and fairness in all our business activities and expect our partners to do the same.
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