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Xingxing pearl store in Xiangqiao District, Chaozhou Brand
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Chaozhou Xiangqiao District Xingxing pearl store is subordinate to the clothing accessories city, which is mainly responsible for the collection and delivery of samples and the transfer of goods. The clothing jewelry city was founded in 2009. It was co founded by our factory and more than 100 domestic garment accessories manufacturers. The other more than 100 manufacturers of their own factories sign alliances and strength to witness everything. The main production of glass beads, imported high temperature resistant beads, foam beads, all kinds of glass beads, resin drilling, glass drilling, glass drilling claws, Taiwan acrylic (acrylic) claw drill, drilling claws, ear drops of oil drilling claws, acrylic diamond (acrylic glue drilling), stone, transparent beads, beads, Lian Xianzhu the connection piece, high temperature resistant, computer embroidery, sequins and rhinestones spools and so on, we provide merchandiser for customers, facilitate customer purchasing consultation! The products are widely sold in all parts of the country, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, European countries, Central Asia and East Asia, and so on. They are mainly used in clothing, evening dress, wedding dresses, handicrafts, handbags, Christmas products and so on. The products are mainly middle and top grade products. Clothing and accessories city, adhering to the concept of "integrity management, small profits and quick turnover", provides clothing and accessories one-stop procurement business for all parts of the country and overseas enterprises, enabling enterprises to carry out procurement business, solve the problem of material consumption and reduce the cost of enterprises. Our course of development Five, 2014, in order to explore more potential customers, garment accessories city joined Alibaba integrity and launched a wider range of e-commerce businesses. Factory Alibaba trustworthiness flagship store website: Four, in January 2013, the clothing jewelry city in order to better serve the people, expand the market. It was decided by all the founders to change the domain name to The domain name is composed of five words, the first letter of each word Pinyin, which is convenient for everyone to remember. With the continuous increase of daily shipments, in order to maintain the daily delivery work, the factory stalls were moved to a larger area in June 2013 to ensure that they could meet the increasing shipments. Three, 2009, factory executives see the future development of electronic commerce, after a long time of preparation work, sponsored by the founder of the United Nations more than 100 garment factory accessories manufacturers to create a professional garment accessories procurement platform, the traditional industries of the procurement of electronic commerce, garment accessories city was born! As the platform has just been online for a month, the number of visits has increased and orders are increasing, and the effect is better than expected. In order to further develop, we set up an office of electronic commerce in Huadu District of Guangzhou, Guangdong province in August 2009, responsible for all e-commerce sales work of the platform. In 2009, the original in the city of Chaozhou to stop the export of foreign sales business, only responsible for clothing jewelry City samples receiving and dispatching and delivery of goods. Two, 2006-2009 years, the vigorous development period of the factory sales business. From the 2006, the factory decided the separation of production and sales. The factory headquarters factory is only responsible for the production of products and is not responsible for sales. And in December 2006 in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, the city set up a sales file, responsible for all sales of the factory. A, 1999, Chaozhou City garment accessories factory was established as the United States, factory production of all kinds of garment accessories, including glass beads, acrylic (acrylic resin and drill drill drill). Our factory has its own factory of 5000 square meters, with its own technical research and development team, and the products are sold all over the world.
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Contact:   Mr. Fang
Addr:       Guangdong Chaozhou Xiangqiao District, Chun Rong Road, orchid two street, Orchid Garden West to No. 1 (factory stall address), Guangdong, Guangzhou, Huadu District, public welfare Road, 23 diamond business building 10F (factory e-commerce office address).