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Ji'nan Kairui flame retardant science and technology limited company has the most professional China talent resources and high research and development ability, can produce flame retardant polyester copolymer, the vertical industry chain model of R & D production of flame retardant CEPPA, flame retardant polyester slice, flame retardant polyester filament, polyester short fiber and all kinds of flame retardant flame retardant polyester yarn, is flame retardant, flame retardant polyester slice, flame retardant polyester fiber and flame retardant polyester fabrics one-stop production professional manufacturers. ???? All the listed products are permanent flame retardants, that is, IFR title. In 2007, the company developed new products, high-performance halogen-free flame retardant polymer, which is a kind of aryl polyester phosphide. The advantages are: Halogen-free, high performance, durable, smokeless, dustless, and high stability. These new permanent flame retardants are easily compatible in most of the processes. ? these flame retardants have very high thermal stability. They have been well behaved in various processes, such as modeling, mixing and / or used as separate compounds, and can be well integrated in the melting point of polymer and other materials. It can also be used to improve the flame retardancy of polyester, polymeric amino compounds, unsaturated resins, epoxy and other materials. It can also be used as an ideal flame retardant additive for PET and PBT (non glass fiber reinforced) materials. ???? A. polymerized polyester flame retardant ???? B. high performance halogen-free polymerization retardants ???? ???? Flame retardant polyester chips, including half light, light and light section; ??? flame retardant polyester filament: DTY, FDY/75D, 150D~1200D; ??? flame retardant polyester staple fiber: 1.4D~15D/38mm~65mm; ??? flame retardant polyester yarn: 6NE~40NE ??? flame retardant fabrics: flame retardant fabrics of various specifications ???? ???? To know more about the news and technical information about permanent flame retardant fabrics and products, please log in to our website: ????
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