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 Suzhou Dong Wei textile fabrics Co., Ltd. Brand
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Suzhou Dongwei Textile Co., Ltd. Dongwei, "Oriental color, fashion reformers" our company focuses on domestic and foreign high-end clothing fabrics, products involving down garments, jackets, windbreaker, cotton clothes and other men and women wear fabrics. It is a professional manufacturer of chemical fiber fabrics with R & D, production, sale and service. In recent years, advanced equipment such as Japan, Germany and Taiwan has been introduced into the ISO9001/2000 quality management and quality assurance system mode. Advanced chemical fiber materials and advanced production technology are applied to the development and production of high tech and high value-added chemical fiber products. It can be quoted according to customers' samples. The company advocates "people-oriented, democratic and open, sincere and United, and strives for excellence". The enterprise culture, which emphasizes diligence, dedication, pragmatism and bold innovation, has strong cohesiveness. Dong Wei Textile regards "quality first, customer first" as its aim, market orientation, management innovation, production of excellent products, high quality and sincere service as its duty, and constantly satisfying the needs of our customers. It is the eternal service tenet of Dong Wei Textile. Suzhou Wujiang Shengze kimono commercial district I building, Mei Juan P/A Co., Ltd.: main products: nylon nylon, polyester: memory fabric, spring Asian spinning, nylon yarn, nylon fabric, Oxford nylon, nylon and cotton fabric, tasilon Oxford cloth, interweave, blended fabric: wire material, metal wire cotton, polyester cotton, nylon cotton, cotton brocade, after processing: environmental protection dyeing, splashing water, laser piercing, Teflon, grinding, printing, P/A, P/U transparent adhesive, white glue processing, high water resistant pressure film, dry and wet breathable moisture permeable glue, T/PU breathable membrane. If you need it, please contact me. Main purposes: functional outdoor sports wear, racing suit, brand clothing, down coat, raincoat, jacket, sportswear, casual wear, bridal gown, bedding and so on.
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Contact:   Mei Juan
Addr:        No. 16, South four district, Shengze Town, Wujiang, Suzhou, Jiangsu