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 Guangzhou ante Textile Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Guangzhou ante Textile Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that mainly produces and sells high and middle grade garment fabrics and lining fabrics. The company integrates R & D, weaving, printing and dyeing as well as sales, and has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many textile and dyeing factories with strong strength. The products of the company are mainly led by the modern environmental protection concept, acetate fiber series, which are: Polyester acetate interwoven fabric, silver acetate fabric, acetate printing fabric, acetic acid stretch fabric and acetate jacquard fabric, acetic acid fabric, etc. The fabric has various organizational styles, different components and strong color selectivity. It is the preferred product of all high-end garment factories and merchants. I also produce a series of linen: acetate (Asian sand) plain, acetic acid Satin / twill lining, nylon nylon plain / twill / satin lining, polyester terylene interwoven twill cloth, acetate viscose plain / twill / satin lining, whole silk plain / twill, bulbor and polyester viscose weave yarn series, jacquard lining, elastic lining, all polyester cloth and so on. In response to the needs of the company's customers, in 2010, we are committed to developing and popularizing high-grade knitted fabrics, mainly using acetic acid elastic knitted fabric, Taka Sa's Cotton Series Jersey, rayon knitted fabric, rayon and polyester strong twist knitted fabric, cotton yarn dyed knitted fabric, Romab and so on. "Quality first, good faith management, good service" is our long-term service to the broad masses of customers. We sincerely welcome all garment manufacturers, fabric agents to visit our company (factory) for guidance and business negotiations. Main products: Acetate interlacing fabric, acetate cloth / Asian sand / acetate cloth series (Asian sand) rayon series, polyester and viscose series, bingba series, all polyester series, simulation silk series, nylon acetate cloth, polyester acetic acid.
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Contact:   Wang Yong Jun
Addr:        Room 405, 4 building, 192 Guangming South Road, Panyu District Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong