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Tianjin Zheng Jian nanoshi Technology Co., Ltd. Brand
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Tianjin Zheng Jian Nano Technology Co., Ltd. is a small and medium-sized enterprise integrating nano technology, production and sales of nano health products, environmental protection products and so on. The company uses the natural material of tourmaline (tourmaline) as the main function of the series of products, and develops a series of high value-added products with super complex effect in combination with nano material dispersion technology, biological technology and surface finishing technology. At present, the company specializes in processing and selling: the Matlin quilt, Matine pillow, tmatmalin self fever protecting waist, tmatmalin self fever protective knee, tmatmaline self heating protection neck, magnetic therapy protective device, far infrared magnetic bedding, magnetic curing mattress, magnetic jade health mattress, jade mat, germanium mattress, tourmaline health cup, and tmatmaline. Trousers, tommaline socks, far infrared clothing, magnetic body underwear, far infrared magnetic underwear, magnetic bra, far infrared magnetotherapy underwear, tommaline nano card and other products, the production strength, advanced, excellent quality, fine workmanship. Our company attaches great importance to the construction of enterprise culture. For a long time, we have always adhered to the enterprise concept of "making people first, doing things first, seeking development, making profit", and always take "scientific integrity, quality first" as the core competitiveness, and "scientific marketing" as the driving force of the market. In the long term marketing practice, the company is constantly innovating and advancing in continuous innovation. The contribution of the company has aroused wide attention and high evaluation from all walks of life. In line with the needs of market development, our company will continue to develop various products of nanoscale Series in the long term development process to meet the needs of our customers. And the company has long provided OEM OEM processing, ODM sample processing and product entrustment research and development services, and now with Russia, Japan, Ukraine and many other countries and regions have trade contacts, product exports over tens of millions of pieces. We look forward to seeing more and more people at home and abroad coming to Nankin and creating the source of wealth.
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Contact:   Zhang Qiang
Addr:       Tianjin Hedong Tianjin Hedong District eleven Jing Road and Jintang Road intersection Ding Tai Building 2808