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Tangshan Ali sports protection equipment Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
The company is a professional manufacturer of nylon, PVC.NEOPRENE sewer pants, fishing pants, rain boots, NEOPRENE diving suit, surf suit, ski suit, computer bag, cup sleeve, NEOPRENE warm boots and so on. The company has advanced equipment, perfect management and service, can provide you with excellent product and product quality assurance. Through self adjustment, management network, personnel knowledge, product serialization and staff quality are realized. In line with the business philosophy of "protecting the environment and caring for life", the company continuously develops new products to enable people to enjoy life and love life. Tangshan Eli sports protection equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the center of Beijing, Tianjin and Tang Center, 100 kilometers from Beijing Capital International Airport, 130 kilometers from Xingang, Tianjin, superior geographical environment, make the product in the logistics access fast and convenient. With the support of domestic and foreign dealers, Eli endeavor to build "red poetry forest" "Aili" brand "poetry rain", let our manufacturers work together to create brilliant. All new products show, please log on to our company website TangshanAili  SportsProtectiveEquipmentCo., Ltd.isaprofessionalmanufacturerwhichproducesNylon, PVC, NeopreneChestwader, Hipwader, Rainboot, Neoprenedivingsuit, Surfingsuit, Skisuit, Computerpackage, Cupholder. Nteeexcellentqualityfortheproducts.Dependsonadjustbyourself, ourcompany Achieved:managementbyinternet, stuffinhighknowlegement, productsinSeries, workersinhighresponsibility.Ourcompany 'sidearofmanagementis, Protecttheenvironment, loveourlife "which Leedustodevelopnewproducts, enjoyourlifeandloveourlife. TangshanAlleyOutdoorproductsCo., Ltd.isLocatedinthecenterofBeijing, TianjinandTangshanarea, thereare100kilometresfromourcompanytoBeijingCapitalInternationalAirportand130kilometrestoTianjinnewport, Duetothegoodlocation, ourproductsarefastandconvenientintransport. Thankstothesupportfromourdealeronlocalandabroad, Wehaveconstructedourlogonamed "SHILUYU" and "AILI". Let 'sworktogether, tocreatedglory              
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Contact:   Tibet double
Addr:       Tangshan, Hebei, China Hebei Yutian County Hebei province Yutian County stone mortar nest