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Anping County Julong Livestock Products Co., Ltd. is located in Anping County, Hebei province. Mane tail industry is the traditional industry of Anping County, known as "the hometown of mane tail". Its history can be traced back to 1573. It is the largest gathering place for animal tail hair processing in North China, with more than 50000 employees, 40% of the total export volume, and 70% of Hebei province. Anping County giant dragon Livestock Products Co., Ltd. is the largest animal tail wool manufacturer and exporter in Anping County. It has an annual output of 1200 tons of horse's mane, 600 thousand meters of horsetail interlining, 200 thousand meters of industrial horsetail cloth, and 50 tons of fine tail hair. Products exported to the United States, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Hongkong and other more than 20 countries and regions, and strict processing technology, excellent quality, reasonable price, well received by domestic and foreign customers.
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Contact:   Miss Wang
Addr:        No. 75, Yucai North Road, Anping County, Hebei, Anping County, Hengshui, Hebei