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Shanxi oasis Textile Co., Ltd. was founded by the former Jincheng textile mill as a whole. It was founded in 1969. The company occupies an area of 154 thousand and 900 square meters and has 2300 employees. From 1993 onwards, the company has been actively engaged in the development of pure hemp, pure organic cotton, hemp and cotton and organic cotton blended products, and successfully developed five series of products, namely, 7 to 48Nm hemp yarn, 7S-60S fine combed pure organic cotton yarn, hemp cloth, hemp and cotton, organic cotton blended woven fabric, pure organic cotton fabric, bedding and clothing. At present, Shanxi oasis Textile Co., Ltd. has become a textile enterprise which is the leading product of the production of hemp and hemp and other fiber blended products. It is a leading manufacturer of hemp textile products in China and a development base for hemp textile products of the national textile product development center. It has won two national patents successively, and five products have been awarded the title of "national key new products". Oasis companies have emerged as one of the four enterprises in the twelve consecutive finalists. The company's production scale is: 24168 spindles, 1800 spinning cups, 224 looms (including imported rapier looms, bienno, Shu Mei te, etc.). The production capacity is: annual output of pure hemp, hemp cotton blend, hemp organic cotton blend and pure organic cotton yarn 3652 tons, grey cloth and fabric 12 million 500 thousand meters, 300 thousand garments (sets).
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Contact:   Song Zheng Hua
Addr:        Eight Jia Kou Town, Yangcheng County, Shanxi, Jincheng, Shanxi