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 Ningbo Yin Yan Garment Accessories Co., Ltd. Brand
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Ningbo Yin Yan Garment Accessories Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and management of various garment accessories. Its main products include spun lining, nonwoven lining, lining, pocket cloth, padding and waist lining, and can be tailored to all kinds of high-end waistcoat and garment accessories according to customers' needs. According to the process of interlining, the waist liner can be divided into two point interlining, powder point interlining. Besides the above products, there are elastic lining (two sides, four sides), knitted lining, double-sided adhesive (non-woven double-sided adhesive, hot melt adhesive). According to the fabric composition, it is divided into all kinds of polyester, cotton, cotton and other types. According to the fabric weave, it is divided into plain, twill, printing, herringbone, fishbone, and so on. The colors are bleaching, white, semi bleached, beige, black, dark red and medium gray.
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Contact:   Mr. Hao
Addr:        Feng Jia village, Shijie street, Ningbo, Zhejiang