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 Wujiang Desheng Textile Co., Ltd. Brand
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Our company is located in Shengze, Wujiang, Jiangsu, Yangtze River Delta. Subordinate textile factory, printing factory, trade department and so on. Our company produces and processes chiffon, spring Asia spinning, Tav, NIS spinning, peach skin, taaslong, suede, Jinmian, polyester cotton, memory cloth, chiffon imitation silk series. In the machine production of wide home textile fabrics, spring Asia spinning, satin, peach skin and so on. Orders Are Welcome.
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Contact:   Mr. Lei
Addr:        Jiangsu Suzhou Jiangsu Wujiang Shengze silk mall 8 District 3 buildings 26 (Market Office), factory site Shengze three ring road 90