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 Anhui Yi Fang Linen Textile Co., Ltd. Brand
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Anhui Yi Fang Linen Textile Co., Ltd. specializes in producing and managing all kinds of hemp textiles. Linen and ramie and hemp as the main raw materials, the company produces all kinds of pure hemp yarn, blended yarn, elastic yarn, slubby yarn series and all kinds of pure hemp, blended and interwoven grey fabric products. According to the market demand, the company constantly strengthens the research and application of new products and new technologies, and insists on the differentiated competition strategy of "new varieties, multi batch, quick delivery and excellent service", especially the development, production and sale of hemp, viscose, polyester, Tencel, modal, spun silk and acrylic fiber, which has strong market competitiveness. Welcome new and old customers to negotiate purchase.
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Contact:   Manager Dong
Addr:        No. 101 development road, Tongling County, Tongling, Anhui