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Guangdong Dongguan Dalang Zhi Yuan textile trade bank, located in China's wool weaving town, "Dongguan Dalang town", is a professional production and sales of domestic and foreign well-known enterprises. Since its establishment for many years, our company has always adhered to the policy of "quality, development, management, efficiency, quality first, reputation first", striving to integrate the business with the international market. Our company has a group of enthusiastic, dedicated and dedicated sales, service and after-sales services. It is well known for its business, good management, marketing and service. Our products enjoy high reputation at home and abroad, and provide excellent service for customers with strong economic strength and first-class after-sales service. 本公司主要产品包括七个部分:一:纯色纱系列:有色纯棉纱、涤纶高弹丝、有色拉架、无染澳绒、锦纶高弹丝、有色曲珠纱、有色洋毛纱、有色人造毛、无染彩棉、CVC彩棉、丝光包芯绒、丝光真三七、有色天丝棉、美丽诺羊毛、丝光澳绒、有色粘棉、丝光假三七、有色麻棉、有色包芯纱、有色丝光棉、有色晴棉、色纺彩棉、有色澳绒、涤纶低弹丝、有色膨体棉晴、意大利巴索兰羊毛、马海毛;二:花灰纱线系列:花灰棉纱、纯棉花灰、弹力花灰、TC棉纱花灰、CVC棉纱花灰、花灰丝光棉、晴棉花灰、粘棉花灰、麻棉花灰、TR丝光棉花灰;三:辅料线材系列:MH型金银线、超细金银线、MX型扁金银线、90#涤纶橡筋线、90#锦纶橡筋线、100#涤纶橡筋线、100#锦纶橡筋线、其他规格橡筋线、电脑横机橡筋线、电脑绣花线、52#涤纶橡筋线、52#锦纶橡筋线、80#涤纶橡筋线;四: Cashmere, cotton wool, cashmere blended yarn, elastic cashmere yarn; five: white germ yarn series: Rayon hyperbolic, cradle, rayon yarn, elastic cotton, rabbit hair, cotton sticky, cotton rhyme, transparent cradle, cotton yarn, mercerized cotton, polyester yarn, bead yarn, high elastic yarn, sticky cotton, raw yarn, flower cotton, mercerized acrylic, clear cotton, Bao Xinsha, fake 37, Tian Shuang silk, crystal cotton, slip line, Ba yarn, crystal yarn, stretch yarn, imitation cashmere, wool yarn, raw yarn pull rack; six: wool yarn series; seven: colored spun yarn series. Blended yarn series: Goat hair, rabbit hair yarn, elastic mercerized cashmere, wool blended yarn, colored velvet, cashmere yarn, rabbit hair yarn, mountain In the study of production services, Zhiyuan company always adheres to the strategic goal of "independent innovation, pioneering spirit, quality first and sustainable development", striving to develop into a professional supplier of wool and accessories at home and abroad. Facing the future, we will continue our efforts to take Scientific Outlook on Development as the guidance, innovate independently, strengthen our confidence, seize opportunities and accelerate development. With the policy of "inheritance, development, pragmatism and efficiency", we will carry out the two tasks of efficiency and innovation, adhere to the model of good and fast development, and strive to create a quality supplier with modern management and sales. At the same time, we hope that our strict quality management and high quality service enthusiasm will seek long-term cooperation and development with you. If necessary, we will provide you with all kinds of wool and accessories color yarn cards free of charge to meet the needs of our customers to choose all kinds of spot colors. Thank you! Zhiyuan company sincerely wishes customers and friends at home and abroad to have a prosperous business, family happiness and success.
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