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Beijing Rong Li Xin is specialized in textile fabric digital printing and thermal transfer production unit. The factory is located near the South Village of Xiao Cun bridge. It has the most advanced and mature heat transfer printing technology scheme in the world and a set of heat transfer equipment with no pollution and non-toxic. The large format Japanese high precision digital printing machine is equipped with Korean imported heat sublimation ink and transfer paper, and the separated oil temperature blanket printing machine (the maximum width of blankets can reach 1.7 meters). The printed cloth is of excellent quality, beautiful appearance, high printing accuracy, bright color, fine pattern, rich color, and natural color transition. The printing effect can match the photo, strong color fastness and environmental protection. Production: all kinds of natural fabrics and chemical fiber fabrics, such as digital printing, heat transfer taffeta, NEISSE, silk, digital printing, chiffon, polyester, satin, satin, satin, satin, Oxford, peach, velvet, velvet, velvet, super soft, Taslon, nylon, cotton, satin, satin, Oxford cloth, polyester cotton and polyester cloth, gauze card, silk fabric, cashmere wool fabric, cotton linen fabric, knitted fabric, elastic fabric, all kinds of fashion body heat transfer printing, sublimation pattern, all kinds of camouflage printed cloth processing. Suitable for Textile home decoration digital printing: (curtain, window screen, mattress, mattress, pillows, pillows, pillows, cushions, sand releases, sofa sets, chair covers, tablecloths, shower curtain, digital printing, etc.); outdoor leisure products digital printing: (tourism products, outdoor products, digital printing advertising umbrellas, beach chairs, tents, kites, sporting goods, digital printing, etc.). Family Printed fabrics for pillow, mouse pad, mobile phone bag, CD bag, microfiber, eyewear, printing, heat transfer, tie, hat, printing, lampshade, heat transfer printing): promotional clothing, digital printing, ball print, print, promotional T-shirt printing, swimwear, children's wear, T-Shirts, cultural shirts, hats, bags, clothing, textile printing, time wear, theatrical costumes, professional wear, sportswear, skirt printing, apron transfer printing T-shirt, including movie, TV, dance, drama and other performances, costumes, digital printing, props and scenery. Advertising flag, road flag, classic silk classics, silk calligraphy and painting, cloth map, personalized business gifts, cups, pillows, etc. Personalized small batch quick production) heat transfer printing: personalized customized and small batch production, regardless of color, washable, feel good, bright colors, strong! Digital thermal transfer printing (fast proofing, just as desirable), BASF transfer paper can be divided into two types of deep and shallow transfer. It has high elasticity and water resistance, good handle, bright coloring and strong firmness. Roll paper: 60CM*100M, Ke style hot stamping, night glow hot stamping, reflective calming, deep turning, shallow turning, sublimation transfer printing,
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