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 Guangzhou Chen Li garment accessories Co., Ltd. Brand
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Fabric "cotton flax" is the main ingredient, and it is mainly sold in four countries, Europe, America, Japan, Korea and China. The brand fabric is as follows: London LIberty Art Fabric, Japan KOKKA, Japan Matsuyama Ko, Japan's Lu Xiang, South Korea Bettles, Korea MIJU Textile, Korea LA FORET, etc. The main ingredients of the fabric are mainly natural and healthy cotton and flax, and the freshness and elegance are the main styles of the morning Li cloth. It is a traditional trading company with 46 years' excipient production and sales. It mainly produces and sells accessories such as lace, lace, flowers, brooches, etc. in 1967. On the basis of this, the auxiliary materials such as ribbons, needles, scissors, buttons and so on are added. Nowadays, 1900 kinds of decorative accessories (including lace, belt, seal, etc.) have been sold in the morning Li Shang city, and the basic accessories (including 380 needles, scissors, rulers, zippers, etc.) are available. Note: Han Yong Dao is the Guangzhou Yong Dao society. Chen Li accessories are part of Guangzhou Yong Dao.
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