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Shaoxing County cool Silk Textile Co., Ltd. Brand
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Shaoxing County cool music yarn Co. Ltd. wholesale distribution of textiles, knitted fabrics, clothing lining, flat cloth, out of three road, air layer, twill cloth, coral velvet, Rome cloth, single-sided cloth selling consumer market, consumers enjoy a higher status, the company with a number of retailers and agents to establish a long-term stable cooperative relationship. Shaoxing County coolis Co., Ltd. sells all kinds of textiles, knitted fabrics, clothing, lining, flat cloth, random three roads, air layer, twill, coral velvet, Rome cloth and single cloth, and the price is reasonable. Shaoxing County coolis Co., Ltd. has strong strength, heavy credit, abide by the contract and ensure product quality. It has won the trust of our customers with the principle of multi variety management and small profits but quick turnover.
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Contact:   Bin Zhou
Addr:       Zhejiang Shaoxing Zhejiang Shaoxing China County of Shaoxing County of Zhejiang Province Li Zhu Zhen Tong Qiao Cun Da Wan Dyeing Co. Ltd.