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 Guangzhou Jinyang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Guangzhou Jinyang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive chemical company integrating product development, production and marketing. The headquarters of the company's operations is located in Guangzhou, which includes: Jinyang chemical (Foshan) branch, Jinyang chemical (Dongguan) branch, Jinyang chemical (Wuhan) branch, Jinyang chemical (Beijing) branch, Jinyang chemical branch company, Jinyang chemical branch company, chemical plant, chemical industry factory, Jin Yuan iron and steel products factory, and Daijin Wood Industry Co., Ltd. The company has strong technical strength and complete inspection facilities, and has close ties with many large chemical manufacturers throughout the country. Products sell well in China's more than 10 provinces and municipalities. The company's chemical products mainly produce glass fiber, copper sulfate, heavy calcium, light calcium, Zinc Oxide... Agent styrene butadiene rubber, reclaimed rubber, titanium dioxide and all kinds of medical and industrial talcum powder. 4. titanium dioxide series: BA01-01, R902, R930, R-100 5. lithopone series: B301 B311, sun resistant white rubber accelerant series::, ",", ",", ",", "," rubber antioxidant series: ",", ",", "Xi", "rubber" antioxidant series: zine, calcined kaolin series, environmental protection three oxidation, two antimony, white carbon black, superfine silicon dioxide and other carbon black series: zinc, stearic acid zinc, stearic acid 1801 and so on: Rubber: filter regenerated rubber (inner tube), styrene butadiene rubber 1500 (imported from the United States), above products are served to the customer's warehouse, and can also produce various specifications of powder materials and materials according to the needs of customers. Powder: 1. Zinc Oxide series: 99.5%, 99.7, active, transparent 2. talcum powder series: 325 mesh ~6000 mesh 3. heavy calcium, light calcium, active calcium, nano CCR series
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Contact:   Jin Yu Chao
Addr:        Wanjiang Shem Mei Industrial Zone, Dongguan, Dongguan, Guangdong