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7175748 dairy cows, dairy farms, dairy farming, providing the latest dairy cattle prices, dairy farming technology, Shanxi state owned dairy farm is a provincial-level state-run enterprise, good breeds of dairy cows, Holstein cows, black and white dairy breeding farms, set up 4 dairy farms. The price of a small dairy cow starts at 1000 yuan, and the price of a dairy cow starts at 1800 yuan. The pregnant cow starts at a price of 5000 yuan in March, and produces cows and high-yielding dairy cows. Buy a car and send a milking machine (hay cutter) to the house within 1000 kilometers. Do not bring cash, first inspect, then introduce, and be satisfied with payment. A large number of beef cattle, including Simmental, Charlotte, Limousin and so on, are cheap and welcome.
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Contact:   Guo Hong
Addr:        Shanxi Taiyuan Yangqu County Shanxi Taiyuan Beijiao Xin Tai Road No. 53 national dairy farm