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Changshou City Jiacheng Textile Co., Ltd. Brand
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The company was founded in December 1999, is a production of glass fiber products and has the right to import and export company; Jiangsu province is located in the Yangtze River in Changshou City economic and Technological Development Zone, adjacent to the national first class port of Suzhou Singapore Industrial Park of Changshu port, Shanghai to the East, North of Suzhou, 4 kilometers from the Sutong Yangtze River bridge, connected with the Jiangsu expressway along the Yangtze River, Su Jiahang Shanghai expressway, Shanghai Jiading expressway, subsidiaries: Changshou City Jiacheng Weaving Co., Ltd. as the main production base, most of the company's products production in Jiacheng factory; Changshou City Jiahe Import & Export Co. Ltd, as an international trade window, operating various mining, marine hardware, steel, mechanical and electrical products export. My company's main products are: glass fiber cloth, fire blanket, fire blanket, welding high silica glass fiber cloth, aluminum foil, glass fiber cloth covered with gauze, bulk glass fiber rope, belt, tube, glass fiber bulked stainless steel wire cloth, stainless steel wire cloth, glass fiber cloth covered with colored silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, glass fiber cloth, covering three yuan of glass fiber cloth, coated non-metallic expansion joint (expansion) and soft connection (skin), fireproof curtain fabric, fireproof insulation cloth, fireproof package, high temperature wire, glass fiber mat (blanket), black glass fiber mat, flame retardant knitted elastic fabric, special fabric. "Yaoxing fiberglass products of various specifications" brand series of good insulation, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance, has been widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding, steel, machinery, metallurgy (melting), thermal power and nuclear power field, paper making, cement, mining, chemical, oil development, sports equipment, fire equipment, electronic products, insulation and heating air pipe system, especially in the boiler, blower, dust, air conditioning, incinerator flue gas desulfurization equipment, cleaning equipment, paint and paint, filter system, tube manufacturing, automobile seat (Interior), Home Furnishing bedding matching reflects the excellent performance. Companies in the world: the United States, Australia, Japan, India, South Korea, Holland, Norway, Singapore and other countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan have good partners. The new product company invented fire blanket has been registered, the State Intellectual Property Office of the patent number: ZL002 21727.9; and has been approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of technical supervision standardization that is the domestic similar products only through the "national fire equipment quality supervision and inspection center detection", conforms to the standard of Q/320581EMG002-2008; and through the detection of TUV in Germany according to EN, 1869, 0001 AK60012114 certificate no.. Mr. Jin Xichun, the chairman of the board, sincerely welcomes the customers both at home and abroad to visit Changshu! The beautiful scenery, rich products, outstanding people and economic prosperity are ideal choices for economic, technological and business cooperation. Our company looks forward to establishing a permanent strategic partnership with domestic and foreign merchants.
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