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Zhengzhou diele organic special product company: 0371-65850086 mobile phone: 15038267711 stores sell northeast black fungus, northeast Hericium Mushroom, yuan mushroom, hazelnut mushroom, letinous edodes, Lentinus edodes, almonda mushroom and so on and Jiaozuo iron stick yam, four big medicine, all baby is the genuine product store, fake one compensate ten, welcome Group purchase and wholesale. Please see clearly the description of the product before purchase. The picture is for reference only. All goods are in accordance with material object. The city of Zhengzhou can pick up its own goods. Delivery address: North District: Zhengzhou three road 99 Xinyuan Financial Plaza golden throne. Pick up address: Southern District: Zhengzhou's nautical road and Chengdong Road intersection to the East about 100 meters north road between the supermarket. Contact: 0371-65850086 QQ:2373770860 mobile phone: 15038267711
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Addr:       The intersection of Nong Ke road and Zheng seven street in Zhengzhou, Henan is very SOHO B block.