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Shandong province Baiwang animal husbandry Co. Ltd's farmers from across the country, the same industry and interested in this industry, the truth will be a sincere welcome you to visit the company demonstration. Shandong province Baiwang animal husbandry Co. Ltd is approved by the provincial and municipal departments of animal husbandry, registered in the business administration department, the Provincial Bureau of animal husbandry organizer, founded in 1986, is a national key field and "Shandong Agricultural University" research practice unit "" CCTV 7 agriculture interview unit "the provincial level will promote breeding base. Ensure that the customer's economic interests. Please call to the field line. Send a special car to pick you up, please confirm the identity, welcome to patronize, sincerely welcome you to visit our company! Solemnly declare: the current online information more, not plagiarism Fachang home and personal information, you can come to our company for investigation, seeing is believing, facts speak louder than words, the hotline: 0537-6733566 mobile phone; 15069775278; 15006576681; QQ; 892906788; (online discussion) please visit;
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Contact:   Yan Bin Zhang
Addr:       Shandong Jining Baiwang Jiaxiang County of Shandong Province, Jining city animal husbandry