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Foshan Chancheng District Hao Guang network product sales Co., Ltd. Brand
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First marketing, network promotion group (FA) software product introduction: information spreads all over the network, information is released, brand is established and promoted, and Xiamen University is research and development. It is endorsed by China Tourism Ambassador Wu Jie and co promoted with Phoenix network. "The first marketing" software only can access software can be free to replace the computer used everywhere with hair, simple operation, one click publishing, only need to fill out the information, click on the release, thousands of websites issued continuously, let you information throughout the network, released a complete simulation of manual operation, greatly guarantee the success rate of intelligent online upgrade technical personnel every day the increasing of the latest web site, customers always get the latest data, ensure the success rate of release, guarantee the software use effect! After 3 days of use, Baidu searches for relevant keywords, and part of the first 3 pages of Baidu, if no effect, returns within a week for the cost of purchasing software.
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Contact:   Lin Yong1
Addr:       Sunway Chancheng Garden District Guangdong Foshan thick source road Foshan city Chancheng district two floor (opposite the thick source kindergarten)