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 Shanghai Qiao Fu Garments Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Shanghai Qiao Fu Garments Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992. After more than ten years of primitive accumulation and capital integration, the company has developed into a modern and joint stock limited company specializing in designing, producing and selling men's and women's clothing and accessory products. At present, the company has a first-class CAD design system, Germany's DUP kirp sewing line, Italy MACPI ironing line, the United States, Germany, Japan, Japan heavy machinery, brothers and other world-class sewing equipment, it can produce 1 million series of suits, such as suits and professional wear. In 1998, the company set up a product research and development center in Milan, Italy, and formed a complete business system including production, design, material collection and garment integration. Qiao Fu clothing uses high grade wool like fabric, adhering to the exquisite production technology, integrating into the classic fashion style of Europe and America, combining the characteristics of Oriental people's physique, creating high quality clothing with implicit, elegant, healthy, handsome and fashionable style. It takes care of the brand image with mature, steady and varied elegance, and continues to develop the design concept of "ordinary achievement classics and classic integration into ordinary". In recent years, while improving the internal management system, Qiao persisted in the construction of the marketing network system. Now he has set up branches in Wuhan, Harbin, Beijing, Shenyang, Urumqi and other places, and has set up a general agent in Xi'an. The chain stores have broken through 800, and the marketing outlets have spread all over the large and medium-sized cities throughout the country. In 2004, Mr. Nicky Wu officially became the image spokesman, and the publicity effect of "celebrity and famous brand" bundled sales, so that his brand image and brand culture could be promoted in all directions. In the future, he will continue to carry out diversified operation, vigorously attract agents and distributors to join, undertake brand processing, strive to open up the market, and form a strong marketing ability, so as to better serve consumers and give back to society.
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Addr:        21 floor, block A, Huayi mansion, 2020 West Zhongshan Road, Shanghai.