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 Beijing Zhumei International Trade Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Beijing AI dice international clothing and accessories company was established in February 2, 2002 as a joint venture. Since its establishment, the company has grown rapidly, and has DE 'LIZZA fashion women's brand, engaging in the design, production and sales of its own brand clothing. It has a loyal consumer group in many countries around the world, and its business is growing. At present, Ai Katie J international clothing and Accessories Co., Ltd. concentrates on the development of popular women's wear, children's wear, men's wear, and so on, especially in the fashion women's wear market. At the same time, our company has design centers all over the world and has a designer group, which is distributed in different branches of many countries for fashion design and fashion trend tracking. There are many agents in the world running DE 'LIZZA brand. Putting people first and attaching importance to talents are the creed of the company. We hope that our products will be designed, produced and sold in a healthy and healthy way in a humane and environmental friendly environment. Everyone here's talent will be fully respected, every day of work can realize the joy of self actualization. This joy is based on human nature and nature, and transcends the boundaries between the state and the nation. This is also the driving force for Ai Katie J's success in entering one market after another. If you accept this idea and are willing to join the team, you may be part of Ai Katie J's clothing future. The famous luxury brand (JOMILY), founded in 1979, is now part of France's JOMEI group, which specializes in luxury goods. JOMILY's first job as an assistant to celebrities is to carry bags for them. He witnessed the changes of the celebrities' dressing and dressing along with the development of the times, and witnessed the development of the fashion stage along with the progress of the society. With his passion and talent for fashion art, he founded the first tailored tailor shop in 1982, which is specially popular and recognized by celebrities. In Paris in 1997.
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Contact:   Wang Zong
Addr:        28 floor, International Building, 20 East Chaoyang District Road, Beijing