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Guangzhou Jin Ming Garment Co. Ltd. is a set design. Production. Sales as one of the Uniform company, in twenty-first Century, with the addition of WTO, Chinese enterprises began to professional, corporate image will also become the environmental development in the new century. The development of the market. Business development. The cultural development hot competition, enterprises as the main body of CI image part - uniform directly reflects the entire enterprise culture. Faced with such fierce competition, the gold Uniform company with advanced production equipment and production technology, with rich experience in the production of uniforms and unique design and perfect pre-sale service. Customer service, continue to expand the market, to win the trust and support of new and old customers to pursue. "The highest realm of perfect", let you get the most satisfactory service is the gold uniforms for your commitment. All employees of the company adhering to the "integrity. Rigorous. Efficient" character and a Meticulous work style, warmly welcome you to the company business
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Contact:   Jingxiaohu
Addr:       No. 8, Kangle clothing city, Haizhuqu District, Guangzhou, Guangzhou