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Japan World Expo (Pan World) magnetic drive chemical pump Japan Expo PAN WORLD CO., LTD. is one of Japan's three largest pump manufacturers, PX, PS, PW, PH series of magnetic drive chemical pumps are widely distributed in the world, such as circuit board manufacturing, PCB, chemical, electroplating, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, color expansion, paper making, water treatment and other industries. The PAN WORLD PMUP magnetic drive pump has patent design, suitable for all kinds of strong acid and strong alkali environment. The quality guarantee period is one year. It has the characteristics of smooth operation and absolute leakage prevention. Wide specification and extensive connection mode and motor use, with ISO9001/ISO9002/UL/VDE/T mark/CNS/CE-EU certification.
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Addr:   [db: province]   [db: city]   20 story F unit, A building, Su Mei center, 68 Dong Wu Road, Wuzhong District, Suzhou