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  • Raccoon skin broker, Changli mink economic man, Qinhuangdao fox broker, Changli County, mink, fox, raccoon and mink breeding farm.

    • Raccoon spring skin Chun Gong has been listed in large quantities, the price is reasonable, the price is around 150-300.

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    • Changli County Shang Jin fur Co., Ltd. sells wholesaling animal fur and fur products, animal fur and fur products to the consumer market and enjoys a high position among consumers. The company has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many retailers and agents. Changli County Shang Jin fur Co., Ltd. sells all kinds of animal fur and fur products, animal fur and fur products, and the price is reasonable. Changli County Shang Jin fur Co., Ltd. has strong strength, pays attention to credit, keeps contracts and ensures product quality. It has won the trust of many customers with the principle of multi variety management and small profits and quick turnover.

        • Qinhuangdao Shang Jin Leather and fur Trade Co., Ltd. raw hide. Cooked leather. Raccoon skin. Fox skin 。 And other products professional. A company that produces, produces, and processes. Have integrity. Scientific quality management system. Qinhuangdao Shang Jin fur trade company "Changli County Golden fox raccoon marten farm". True and reliable, strength and product quality are recognized by the industry. We are the most valuable fur breeding base in the country. There are raccoons and raccoons all year round. Adult raccoon dog. Commodity raccoon dog. Release, occupy an area. Raccoon skin. Raccoon cashmere. Water version of raccoon skin. Fox, fox, adult fox, commodity fox. Fox skin. Water version fox. Mink is sent to garment factories and fur dealers all over the country. Shang Village. Big camp. History. Xinji. Chong Fu. Changan. Haining. Tong Er Bao. Beijing. "Changli County Golden Fox, raccoon marten breeding base" and so on. Major markets in the country, breeding bases all over the country, and farmers. I hope friends from all walks of life will come here to visit. Negotiate. Cooperation. QA The local skin is characterized by large size, straight color, plush feet and moderate needle hair. Year after year. The address is Hebei. Qinhuangdao, Changli County, Huang Dian Zhuang Township
          The name of the company is "Changli golden fox fox raccoon marten farm" in Qinhuangdao. It supplies l blue fox fur, silver fox skin, mink skin, fox fur, wussuri raccoon, raw skin and water version, and so on.
          Contact: Yang Shangjin
          Tel: 13643352891
          Fifteen billion thirty million four hundred and thirty-three thousand and sixty-five
          WeChat number: yang290111127
          Integrity first, reputation first.

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      Integrity first, reputation first.
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Addr:        Changli County, Huang Dian Zhuang Township, loess Temple Village