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Chongqing Chun Bao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Banan City, Banan Ma Liu along the Yangtze River Development Zone wood hole group, first settled in the national level transformation base of science and technology achievements. Chongqing is also the first to build a high-tech transformation base in Western China, which integrates research, production, processing and sales. The introduction of American innovative patent R & D technology, Taiwan core technology management team. The project is a key technology project that belongs to innovative patented product company. At present, it has applied for 4 national patents. The company was established in 2012 to inject funds. Two hundred There are about 100 employees.

Chongqing Chun Bao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the "Fifth China Patent week patent exhibition fair" in November 10, 2011. The products displayed have been unanimously recognized and praised by all the customers present, and have been interviewed by relevant media, including Chongqing TV, Jiangbei TV station, Chongqing daily, Chongqing times, Chongqing business daily, Chongqing evening news, Chongqing Chongqing network, Hualong network, Dianjiang news network, etc.

"Continuous innovation, sustainable operation, from the needs of customers" is the standard for our company to establish itself. Our company strives to bring quality products to users with good service.

At present. Chun Bao smart clothing launched by the company for spring children has been listed.

Chun Bao smart clothing is a professional new baby clothing. When the temperature changes below the baby's body temperature, Chun Bao smart clothing will beep in the designated area of the clothing. Because of the development of the company, it is now attracting investment from all over the country.

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Addr:        A2-1, a transformation base for small and medium enterprises in Banan, Chongqing