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Shenzhen Zhao Hongsheng handbag products factory (Yuan Hongsheng handbag products factory) is made by Mr. Li Wenhui, a Taiwanese businessman. Two thousand and six Founded in 1999, it is adjacent to the South Gate of Southern China international industrial raw material city. Two hundred rice , It has a two thousand square workshop and an independent industrial zone with convenient transportation and beautiful environment. , It mainly produces all kinds of bags and handbags.


At the beginning of the establishment of the new factory, modern management concepts, standardized management methods, advanced production equipment, strict control of cost and strict quality control system from the raw materials to finished products were adopted.


Based on the experience of the original factory development, the new factory develops towards a more professional and higher quality direction. Since its inception, the factory has focused on the development of all kinds of takeaway thermal insulation bags and insulation turnover boxes. Our factory specializes in producing takeout thermal insulation bags. The boxes, such as lunch boxes, Western food, tea, milk tea, pot meal and fruit meal, have been sent to the whole country. Fifty Many central cities have achieved good results and are developing rapidly. The main direction of handbags, such as sports backpacks, school bags, professional gifts and product packaging bags, leisure shopping bags, solar energy computer bags, backpacks and audio backpacks, is developing in a more professional direction, providing the most professional, best quality and most affordable services for our customers.


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