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Shandong creative carpet Co., Ltd. is located in the hinterland of the Yellow River Delta, Binzhou Boxing high tech Development Zone, with excellent location and convenient traffic. The company's carpet, wool and handicrafts three branches and 29 production bases, is a set of professional design, production, sales, import and export as one of the modern large-scale production enterprises.

Shandong creative carpet Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993. After more than 10 years of arduous pioneering work, enterprises grew from small to large, from weak to strong, with the scale expanding and the economic and technological indicators growing rapidly. At present, the company has grown into a large backbone private enterprise in Boxing county. The company has fixed assets of 20 million yuan and employs more than 300 people. Among them, there are more than 40 designers and more than 40 senior technicians. The company has the right of self import and export, and its products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions, such as Europe and the United States. With its new pattern, excellent quality and good reputation, it has been well received by foreign businessmen.

The company always follows the development concept of "developing enterprises with science and technology, pioneering and innovating". We should continuously increase investment in talents and technology, and improve product quality and level. At present, the company has a complete production system of all wool hand-made knotting and rubber back carpet, and has strong technological advantages of spinning, dyeing, technical testing, pattern design, and a complete and standardized quality management system. It has formed two major series and more than 100 varieties of flowers, mainly made up of 160 hand-made wool carpets and 160 step woollen rubber back carpet. It produces about 2800000 square feet of high and medium grade carpet annually. At the same time, we also produce and export, 120, 90 rubber back carpets, silk rugs, Obson, tapestries, etc.) include: hand imitation Persian carpet, art design carpet, colorful carpet, antique carpet and other specifications of silk wool interwoven carpets. The product's texture is thick and plump, its specifications are complete, and its carpet is various. It has rectangles, squares, circles, octagonal, oval and so on. The company regards product quality as the life of enterprises. For decades, the company has strictly controlled the quality and the export rate has remained above 98%, and has established a good image among enterprises.

Carpets produced by Shandong creative carpet Co., Ltd. are all hand-made, and a carpet from design to finished products has to go through more than 20 processes.

Pattern design is the first process here. After receiving the order, the designer will carefully design the pattern of customer satisfaction according to the requirements of the merchants. The pattern design integrates Chinese ancient art and modern art with the beauty of the world's popularity, so that the product has more practical value and artistic appreciation value and collection value. In order to enhance the company's design ability and improve product quality, in recent years, the company has further strengthened its cooperation with domestic universities and colleges, hired experts to provide guidance for students, provided practice bases for college students, and implemented strong combination.

After the pattern design is finished, the product panel is made into the making room, and then printed on the carpet cloth in the printing workshop to prepare the carpet.

At the same time, the production planning department will calculate the type and quantity of wool that will be used in the production process according to the requirements of the pattern, arrange the wool textile workshop to produce the yarn and dye the required yarn of various colors in the dyeing workshop. Good raw materials are the premise and foundation for producing high quality carpet. The wool used for processing carpet is mostly selected from Qinghai, Gansu and other places in China. In recent years, with the increasing variety of carpet, the company has gradually imported some raw materials from Australia, New Zealand and other countries. In the wool spinning base of the company, the quality wool is processed into various types of wool, which provides a strong guarantee for the production of the company.

Next is the binding process. The process is a purely manual process. Here, after the meticulous compilation of the carpet stitches, a beautiful picture is frozen on the carpet cloth in their flying stitches. Here, the skilled carpet carpet worker can pull a blanket of 3 square feet every day. At present, the creation company has 29 blankets bases, and the skilled carpet blanket division reaches more than 3000 people.

After the binding process, the process of glue hanging on the back of the semi-finished product is followed by a layer of mesh cloth on the back of the carpet, so that the silk thread on the carpet can not fall off, and then to the flat workshop, the surface of the carpet is neat and orderly, and then enters the pre repair process to display the carpet surface flower pattern.

In the water washing workshop, the workers brush the carpet with a new look, so that the bright colors of the carpet surface are vividly displayed. In addition, after washing the water, it can also play a role in disinfection and sterilization and inhibiting the regeneration of bacteria.

Then go back to the flat workshop and do the surface leveling again, commonly known as "leveling", and then glue to the glue shop for the two time, then form a solid protective layer on the back of the carpet, then enter the back repair workshop, carry out the final trimming and finishing, make it the final product, store and wait for shipment.

Thus, after a process of processing, a beautifully designed carpet was completed. They are new and exquisite in art, beautiful in silk, and like relief. They are both beautiful and durable decorative products. They are also loved by many European and American businessmen.

In recent years, the company has also made use of the rich local Pu grass resources and the traditional straw weaving advantages, and developed the natural manual woven cattail carpet. When the product was put on the market, its elegant appearance and good internal quality favored the customers.

"Advancing with the times, creating unlimited skills, and creating the future in fashion", for a long time, in the spirit of such an enterprise concept, the company has continuously innovating and innovating, creating a trustworthy enterprise and building a hundred years brand. In recent years, with the support from all walks of life and the unremitting efforts of the company, enterprises have been developing at full speed. In 2003, the company achieved sales income of 35 million yuan, paid 1 million 980 thousand yuan in taxes, and invested about 10000000 yuan to the society every year, which made outstanding contributions to the economic development of Boxing and its surrounding areas. Sun Peidong, chairman and general manager of the company, has been appraised as "manager of excellent factory manager" by Boxing county Party committee and county government several times. The company has also been honored as "excellent private enterprises", "top ten private enterprises", "contracts and keeping promises" and so on. While obtaining good economic benefits, enterprises also

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