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The factory's fluorescent lamp is converted to energy saving lamp, which saves more than 50% of electricity.

A fluorescent lamp consumes 1.1 kilowatts of electricity a day. If it is replaced by an energy-saving lamp, it can save more than 50% of its electricity. The three Eagle Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. provides a modified energy-saving lamp. On the basis of the original fluorescent lamp, it does not change the lamp holder and does not change the line without stopping production. It is as simple as changing a lamp tube. It can transform the fluorescent lamp into an energy-saving lamp. After the transformation, the brightness is increased by 10-30%, saving electricity by 50%-60%., saving is creating wealth. If the small number is afraid of the long meter, if your enterprise has the following number of fluorescent lamps and the corresponding time to turn on the lights, the electricity charges will be calculated by 1 yuan / degree, then the annual electricity saving will make you happy.

Notable features: 1. do not change the line, do not change the lamp rack, no power outage, just like changing a lamp tube is as simple as using less than half a minute.
2. direct and direct power saving up to 50% to 60%; 3. brightness increase 10% - 30%; 4. life span 2-3 times; 5. color rendering to 85%, closer to sunlight; 6. power factor increased to 6.; the instant opening is bright, no flashing; light source temperature is low, reduce workshop temperature; reduce line current, protect the safety of line effectively.

Saving money means making money. Your company can also choose zero payment cooperation.

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The energy saving lamp, the fluorescent lamp is converted to the energy saving lamp, and the 60% energy saving lamp is saved.
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