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Hangzhou Chinese Clothing Co., Ltd Brand
Business Model
Clothing Museum Membership fifth season (Hongkong) Group Co., Ltd, professional business women's discount brand enterprises, and hang, Wen school established strategic alliances discount value discount for subject and set the six factions at home and abroad in recent more than 300 brand women's clothing enterprise, has the successful operation of the fifth quarter operating brand apparel chain, flag the brand has "Yijia Li", "clothing" Museum "discount children's clothing store clothing Museum" three big brands, currently in the country has 40 outlets, more than 100 franchises and more than 500 shops, marketing network all over the country, have a professional marketing team, the implementation of all unified brand maintenance and marketing management
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Contact information
Contact:   Li Zumiu
Addr:       The five road Hangzhou city Xiaoshan Wei 2