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Zhejiang Shengzhou Haide garment and adornment Co., Ltd.    No Member

 Zhejiang Shengzhou Haide garment and adornment Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
The company is located in Shengzhou, China's coastal open area, the Chinese necktie production base and the world tie quality center. It is adjacent to the famous cities of China, Shanghai, Ningbo and Wenzhou, and is interlinked with the information of Europe and America. It is a member of China Fashion Association's apparel Specialized Committee. The company mainly developed neckties, shirts, socks, leather goods, trousers and other clothing products. The fabric selection and process are strictly controlled according to the ISO9002 international quality system standard, and have formed classic, fashion, selection and other styles. The company's marketing network spreads all over the world and major cities in Paris, Hongkong and other countries. The company has made more than 10 years of costumes.
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Addr:        B gate 3, Hengda building, 24 Xing Xing Road, Shengzhou, Zhejiang.