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Hangzhou Bess fashion Brand
Business Model
Hangzhou is located in the Chinese Bess fashion women are the Hangzhou, is a professional engaged in fine ladies discount business. Domestic and foreign companies with more than one thousand first-line Brand Company formed a strategic alliance, the joint launch of brand clothing, the mass consumer business purpose. Product style and hang (Hangzhou), Shanghai (Shanghai), temperature (Wenzhou), Beijing School (Beijing), Guangdong (Guangdong), South Korea (South Korea) and other types of school style, the main brand G3 brings together many well-known brands at home and abroad, Kako (three color, Koti, unaware, Longman sting, wbwq snow song, etc.). Quarterly launched over 10000 fine ladies, covering 80% of the female consumer market. Will all line
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Addr:       Chaoyang Industrial Park, No. 52 Hangzhou nine loop