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Hebei province Qinghe County Changle cashmere clothing factory Brand
Business Model
The factory mainly produces cashmere, cashmere, camel hair is by the quilt, cashmere clothing, cashmere Xupian, wool, worsted cashmere, sheep wool, camel wool, cashmere. Bagged combed cashmere flocculus.
        flocculus products: combed cashmere flocculus, thermal spraying shaping, compression cashmere cashmere flocculus acupuncture mat, special custom-made clothing cashmere flocculus and all kinds of chemical fiber wadding. According to the customer need to book thickness, size of the processing order.
        external processing of cashmere factory is wholesale, quilt cover, bedspread, bed sheets, build all kinds of cashmere wool mattress, hotel, school, hospital special mattress, petroleum, mining, exploration and other field operations, such as warm shed sheep plush products.
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Contact:   Qiu Changpu
Addr:       Hebei Qinghe County Qiu Jiana