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Shijiazhuang long Tiansheng textile industry and Trade Co., Ltd. produces and develops warp knitting, weft knitting, striped weft knitting, jacquard weft knitting, imitation deer skin, double faced velvet, bright weft knitting, pearl towel, pineapple, waffle, diamond cloth, glass cloth, Shenil and other weaving styles of Tianfang weave microfiber products, undertaking OEM OEM, OEM and so on. Tian Fang Fang microfiber towel for the national wholesale Recruitment agents! Provide dry hair towels, absorbent towels, bath towels, dry hair caps, bathing skirts, bathrobes, beauty towels, hairdressing belts, washcloth, multifunctional cleaning towels, pet towels, musical instrument cleaning special towels, cleaning towels, cleaning gloves, mops (MOPs), Superfine fiber chenille carpet, superfine fiber chenille mat, sofa cushion, doormat, etc., hundreds of wholesale, thousand yuan agent for a city, 100% return, low starting point, large market, wide market, welcome wholesale group purchase gifts, join agent!

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