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Is Albert Yu since the late 1990s first involved in scientific research, development, production and sales of wood fiber towel, after setbacks lessons and successful experience, honed superior production technology, summed up the rich market sales model, improve the products at a reasonable price system, construction of the whole enterprise CI system, unified distinctive packaging system, unified storefront design, unity and pragmatic sales plan. Company continuously improved and rich original towel products company quality and varieties at the same time, increase the jacquard, printing, embroidery a variety of textile technology research and development, now the company's products already have from the towel, bath towel, towel is full of small textile series, single item has reached more than 30. High, middle and low price system has been established. Also according to the needs of the development of the company, is Albert Yu, spent more than one million yuan established a unified national "your beauty" textile VI system, and Franchise Exhibition Hall. The introduction of a high level of management personnel, improve the company's internal management system, and strengthen the support of the agents and after-sales service.
At present, the company has developed to six production bases, two scientific research bases, formed to develop as a leader, set production, sales and service as one of the professional degree of high well-known enterprises. This is to join agents, is a rare success of the original conditions.
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Contact:   Li Guangxu
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