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 Tai'an Kangping nmao Textile Group Co., Ltd. Brand
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Kangping nmao Textile Group Co., Ltd. is located in the high tech Industrial Development Zone at the foot of Taishan. It is a large textile enterprise mainly producing wool fabrics. The company is conveniently located, with a total area of 200 thousand square meters and 1500 employees, including 160 professional and technical personnel. The group's spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing three production companies and a professional production of high-end yarn cashmere products company, the annual production of fine, woolen cloth 3 million meters, a variety of pure and blended yarn 500 tons, a variety of yarn dyeing 2000 tons. The group has a total assets of over 300 million yuan, and has more than 300 sets of complete equipment for spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing. Invest 120 million yuan, and the world's leading high-end dyeing and finishing line for wool fabrics has been put into operation in 2004. Among them are German cheese dyeing, high frequency drying in the United Kingdom, high temperature and high pressure overflow dyeing in Italy, steam washing, soft enzyme treatment, continuous cooking, flat width washing and cooking, continuous steaming, steam pre shrinking, pot steaming machine, and more than 60 sets of imported equipment. The modern factory building and the most advanced dyeing and finishing equipment introduced from Europe make Kangping's hardware reach the international first-class level.
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Contact:   Yong Hua Wang
Addr:        Binxia Road, Eastern New Area of Tai'an