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 Hunan Huasheng Dongting Hemp Industry Co., Ltd. Brand
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Hunan Huasheng Dongting Hemp Industry Co., Ltd. is the largest ramie textile production enterprise established in Hunan after the reorganization and restructuring of the original ramie textile printing and dyeing factory, covering an area of 1400 mu. The company has more than 4000 employees, 20000 long hemp spindles, 25544 short hemp spindles and 536 machines. Among them, there are 34 sets of textile production equipment imported from Japan and Spain, which can produce 8100 tons of various kinds of yarns and 13 million meters of all kinds of fabrics annually. The company mainly produces Dongting brand (DT) 7.5-72 ramie yarn, 2-60 ramie cotton, hemp nitrile, polyester hemp blended yarn and slub, colored spinning, hemp cotton yarn, linen cotton yarn and other yarn and ramie cloth, linen, linen, blended and interwoven fabric and other fabrics. The products have been awarded the gold medal and silver award of the international exposition for many times, and the newly developed fabrics have been appraised as Chinese popular fabrics many times. Most of the products are sold far away in the United States, Europe, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Hongkong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, and enjoy a good reputation in the market. In recent years, ramie and cannabis products have been developed. They have both health and environmental protection socks, mat and unique elegant style clothing, linen fashion, decorative products and other products, and have gradually entered the market.
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Contact:   Xu Wei Group
Addr:        North Ring Road, Yueyang, Hunan