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"Shandong Yi Cun Fang Textile Co., Ltd." hand woven old coarse cloth, it is a unique pure cotton handmade textiles of Shandong Province, it has strong local flavor and distinct national cultural characteristics. According to archaeological excavations, far from Neolithic sites, there were "spun Lun" unearthed, so that primitive textile tools were used by people at that time. "Yi village square" is made of high quality, green organic cotton and natural colored cotton fibers which do not apply pesticides and fertilizers. In the process of processing, we use hand spinning, hand weaving and plant dyeing, biological enzyme, physical mechanical finishing and other ecological treatment technology, and strive to improve the product's green environmental quality.
"Yi village square old coarse cloth" does not contain harmful substances to human body, it is skin friendly, soft and fragrant, and has the function of protecting insects, germicidal and ultraviolet.
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Addr:        East Ring International Plaza, 3699 East Ring Road, Ji'nan