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Dongguan Yuyao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in research, development, production and sales of environmental testing instruments. Advanced equipment, complete detection methods, first-class technology and management personnel, so that the company's products in the peer industry has always been in a leading position. Products have been widely used in scientific research, electrician, electronics, military, aviation, shipping, post and telecommunications, automobile, motorcycle and other enterprises and institutions, and provide technical parameters such as GB, IEC, DIN and other standards to produce various kinds of reliability environmental test equipment. Products include: brine spray testing machine / high temperature testing machine / low temperature testing machine / high temperature low temperature testing machine / high and low temperature damp heat test machine. / high and low temperature alternating heat and humidity testing machine / table type constant temperature and humidity testing machine / precision drying test machine / vacuum drying box / high temperature impact testing machine / ultraviolet light aging testing machine / xenon lamp weathering test machine / air exchange aging test machine / sand dust test box / rain test box / large high and low temperature walking test room / constant temperature and humidity test room / salt fog constant temperature and humidity high temperature compound testing box / temperature aging room / mechanical drop test platform / computer controlled shaking table / temperature and humidity vibration three comprehensive testing machine / temperature rapid change test machine. Hogwash With the concept of "testing and improving", the company continuously develops high-quality products that meet the needs of enterprise testing and tries to improve the quality of customers' products. "Customer satisfaction" is the company's eternal goal of service, perfect after-sales service and quality is an important factor for the company's products to sell well. In marketing strategy, it is committed to providing users with comprehensive and thoughtful pre-sale and after-sales service, ready to solve problems for you, Yuan Yao science and technology to achieve the perfect unity of customer interests, employee value and social benefits. "The road is as solid as iron, but now we are moving forward." In the years to come, we will take care of our company with passion and sincerity. Under the guidance of the Yuan Yao spirit of "speaking, doing and doing better", strides into the new era. Resplendence! The company has established the quality assurance management system according to the ISO9001:2000 standard. At the same time, our factory can also design non-standard products according to customers' needs. Welcome new and old customers to come to the company for discussion and guidance.
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