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Jiangsu Central Engineering Quality Testing Co. Ltd. was founded in 2002 01, is now in Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Nantong, Huaian, Jiaxing, Jinhua and other regions opened more than ten branches, are all committed to indoor environmental testing, environmental three wastes (waste gas, waste water and solid waste) detection, decoration materials testing, soil radon concentration detection, radioactive and noise radiation detection technical unit. It is the executive member of the indoor environmental monitoring committee of China Interior Decoration Association and a member of the China Institute of Metrology and testing. Suhuan inspection has been awarded the honorable title of the national advanced unit of indoor environmental detection for seven consecutive years, and fourteen employees have been awarded the advanced personal title of the national indoor environmental monitoring work. It's CCTV CCTV-2 "service for you". I love home decoration environmental protection line. The first national survey of indoor environmental pollution of urban family decoration, designated inspection unit, China Indoor Decoration Association indoor environment monitoring committee appointed indoor environmental testing laboratory. Nearly 1/5 of the world's top five hundred units have chosen the quality inspection service of the Suzhou ring test. Su ring detection has been through the indoor environment and decoration materials, radon concentration, soil radionuclide, water and wastewater, waste gas, air and soil, solid waste, noise and other nine categories, more than three hundred parameters of the detection capability of the national certification, inspection report issued by a legally binding. Since the central Jiangsu engineering quality testing Co. Ltd. to carry out the service work for seven years in the public reputation, a very high reputation. According to a recent survey, to detect the user, there are nearly 50% customers through the recommendation of a friend and the choice of Su ring for detection, very good reputation. Yangzi Evening News, modern express, Jiangnan times, Suzhou daily, Suzhou evening news, Jiangsu TV, Suzhou TV, Wuxi TV, Zhangjiagang TV and other news media have taken the initiative to cover reports, and their popularity is increasing. Jiangsu Central Engineering Quality Testing Co. Ltd. adopts the inspection equipment and the domestic and foreign advanced technology, scientific, fair, accurate, good working attitude, technical services in strict accordance with the relevant national technical specifications, equipment complete qualification, first-class quality of service, to complete. Take the initiative to provide consultancy services to customers, take the initiative to sample the door, take the initiative to deliver the report. The test data is accurate and reliable, and the service attitude is meticulous and thoughtful!
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