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Gaoyao General Electric Appliance Factory was founded in 1998. It is a private enterprise integrating design, manufacture and sales. Take science and technology as the guide, and strive for survival by quality. It is the foundation of our factory to have a unique idea, a dedicated cause and a dedicated product to collude with our customers. The fine quality comes from the specialty, sincerely creates the brand; Shen Li anti rotary material level controller is our factory's ten years of unyielding efforts, in the group and the market has changed unredeye. Today, we strive to reform, strive for excellence, and strive to build China's quality device. So far, our products have been spread across more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and exported to Southeast Asian countries indirectly. Won the trust and support of our customers. After ten years of cultivation and training, our factory has concentrated on a group of professional personnel engaged in mechanical, electrical, design, manufacturing and marketing. This team, with unity and cooperation, excellent quality and first-class technology, is willing to work closely with all users and work hand in hand to achieve win-win results.
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