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Dongguan City Ju Feng Environmental Technology Limited (formerly Dongguan City Ju Feng Environmental Services Ltd., officially renamed in October 25, 2010, and the increase in the registered capital of two million yuan) is a set of environmental protection equipment (deodorization waste treatment, wastewater treatment, noise control, waste heat utilization) research and development, manufacturing, sales; Environmental Engineering (waste gas treatment, wastewater treatment, noise control) design, construction installation and commissioning; comprehensive science and technology enterprises environmental management environmental protection supplies sales, on behalf of the apply for environmental approval procedures in one. The company is located in Dongguan Fenggang Zhen Zhu Wei Tian Cun prone Industrial Zone, the company covers an area of Baqianjiubaiyu square meters. The company now has a group of high-quality environmental protection equipment engineering and technical personnel and a production equipment, engineering through strict professional training, construction and installation team, the production process strictly enforce the design process requirements, the company has perfect quality management system, to ensure the quality of products. At the same time, our company has also maintained close technical cooperation with many domestic and foreign environmental protection research institutions. In the existing environmental protection equipment, our company already has the product of environmental protection equipment developed independently. Ju Feng company was founded in 1997, is the environmental protection company set up earlier Dongguan environmental protection company and the Dongguan environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises, since the establishment of the company has thousands of enterprises to undertake units of waste gas, wastewater, noise and other environmental protection engineering design and installation of environmental protection equipment manufacturing. With advanced technology, high-quality engineering and perfect after-sales service, we have won a good reputation and won the customers' praise. Our company always adheres to the service principle of "customer first and quality first". We warmly welcome all friends to cooperate with us to create a better tomorrow. Project management service: environmental protection equipment (deodorization waste gas treatment equipment, water treatment equipment, noise control equipment, waste heat utilization equipment) R & D, manufacturing and sales; Environmental Engineering (sewage treatment engineering, emission control engineering, noise control engineering, dust control engineering, water purification, waste heat utilization project design and construction) installation and commissioning; environmental protection supplies sales, sewage treatment facilities operation and management;
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Addr:   [db: province]  [db: city]  No. 9, Yi hair Industrial Road, bamboo tail village, Fenggang Town, Dongguan