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Shandong Lu Wang Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. Ruwang industrial heater specializing in the production and operation of fuel oil, gas heater, workshop workshop heater, industrial hot air blower, electric heater, high-power engineering hot air gun, air conditioner, heater, hot stove, aquaculture temperature regulation, fan and water curtain and other industrial cooling and heating equipment. The products are mainly used for heating, heating, thermal insulation, antifreeze, warm air, drying, hot air drying and ventilation in large factories such as heating, decoration, construction site cement, animal husbandry, sports venues, outdoor sports, film and television shooting, field operations, restaurants, bars, warehouse hangar, exhibition hall, exhibition hall, national defense, military, leisure and entertainment, water supply, telecommunications and other industries. Lu Wang aquaculture temperature regulation equipment the automatic temperature control culture and temperature adjusting equipment is suitable for heating and tempering equipment used in livestock and poultry breeding (chicken house insulation, etc.), vegetable planting, flower cultivation and collective heating. The aquaculture temperature regulation equipment is a coal-fired automatic temperature regulating equipment developed to improve the current situation of China's aquaculture heating. The equipment is mainly composed of a complete greenhouse temperature regulation system consisting of main hovel heating fans, auxiliaries, water temperature fans, automatic control boxes and plumbing pipes. It has the dual functions of warming in winter and cooling in summer, and heating coal in winter. It has the characteristics of energy saving, cleanliness and convenience. It combines the two advantages of fast warming up of wind heating, long time of water heating and long holding time, and provides the best temperature condition for farmers with the most economical operation cost.
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